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Chocolate Mint: Mentha x piperata f citrata. Hardy Perennial. (3xGarden Ready Plants Supplied)

Key Information:  Product Code: CHOCMINTX3

Name: Chocolate Mint: Mentha x piperata f citrata. Hardy Perennial. (3xGarden Ready Plants Supplied)

Description: Mint plants are one of the most versatile and useful plants around! They are an invaluable cookery ingredient that will add panache to any dish. Very easy to grow and making themselves at home in both full shade (even on a North facing wall) or full sun with very little maintenance required even beginner gardeners will have no problems growing them. They are also a fantastic way to introduce children to growing and gardening. Mints look stunning planted in hanging baskets, tubs, patios and tubs where their cascading habit creates a wonderful effect. Wonderful aromas will entrance any visitors to your garden, including the inquisitive wildlife your mint will attract. When you harvest your fresh mint, simply snip the top leaves first because this will encourage the plant to shoot from the base and this will also help to keep your Mints looking their best! hocolate is a delightful, full bodied mint that compliments coffee and desserts - it smells just like after eight mints! I love to use mint all around the house and add it to fresh bouquets of flowers - the fragrance is so much better than any air freshner I've ever bought and so much more natural and totally free! Another simple idea is to add to rose posies. lavender blooms appear on the mint in late summer. Culinary Tip: If your feeling indulgent the use leaves for flavoring desserts, like ice cream, meringues, quick breads, or cakes.

position: sun or shade, patio containers or garden borders. scent: Chocolate and mint. Just like an After Eight! height & spread: 40cm
culinery: can be used for decorative purposes but the leaves can be used to falvour desserts Unique uses: Try freezing into ice cubes to add to your summer drinks. Adds scented foliage to your hanging baskets and patio pots wildlife care: attractive to ladybirds, butterflies and bees.

Quantity: 3 x Chocolate Mint Plants growing in 7cm pots. Hardy perennial plants sent with pots to protect the root system.

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Price: £17.99

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