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Fast growing Perennial Climbing Mile -a-minute three plant offer - Clematis'Elizabeth' with vanilla scented flowers - Russian Vine with its beautiful pink-tinged white flowers, and Virginia Creeper with lush & Vibrant foliage.

Key Information:  Product Code: FASTTHREE

Name: Fast growing Perennial Climbing Mile -a-minute three plant offer - Clematis'Elizabeth' with vanilla scented flowers - Russian Vine with its beautiful pink-tinged white flowers, and Virginia Creeper with lush & Vibrant foliage.

Description: Clematis 'Mile-A-Minute Elizabeth' with its scented delicately coloured pale pink flowers, and pale yelllow stamens, is great for covering sheds,pergolas,walls and for growing up trees for added enjoyment - throughout May, June and July this Clematis just looks sensational. The scented pink flowers are paler in the middle and towards the base. The scent can range from vanilla to hot chocolate. Clematis 'Elizabeth' has received the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit. Clematis 'Elizabeth' is fully hardy and will even grow on a north facing wall. The leaves are an attractive dark green shade and dense hence its nick name 'the mile a minute clematis'. No pruning is required for this particular variety unless you wish to restrict the spread. 'Russian Vine' is a very hardy climbing plant that originates from South East Russia and Iran and belongs to the family Polygonaceae, and has picked up a few names along its journey. Russian Vine planted in the right position is a superb climber and it is no exageration, on a warm day in the main growing season you can watch it climbing. Russian Vine is deciduous and has very strong healthy looking foliage from spring to late autumn, so great for covering sheds, pergolas, walls, fences and screening from unsightly objects and neighbours! Russian Vine, can also be used for growing up trees for added enjoyment. In August and September Russian Vine is literally smothered with panicles of tiny, funnel-shaped, pink-tinged white flowers. You can plant Russian Vine in any position and it will tolerate any soil type. Virginia Creeper is an easy to grow showstopping climbing plant that will quickly romp across a large wall or fence-line helping you to create a private space in your garden. The Virginia Creeper is perfect for covering up any sized eyesores or old buildings and for screening out nosey neighbours quickly! Self-clinging and therefore requiring no supporting wires - no need for trellis or growing supports. A real whopper of a plant! If you want to make any area which is harsh looking mellow and soft then this is the plant for you - Virginia Creeper can also be used also as ground cover as her masses of leaves carpet any surface in luxuriant green before turning brilliant colours in autumn. She will reward you in the spring with masses of lush vibrant large five-lobed mid-green leaves and these slowly change colour all through the summer to deep green and to pink, until presenting a grand finale in autumn with spectacular colours in fiery crimson reds and oranges with a crop of blue-black berries too. These vines can be planted in full sun, half-shade as well as deep shade, although you will get the best result if you place a single plant against a wall which is not north facing. For north facing aspects you will require Boston Ivy which we also stock. These very easy to grow climbers are also fairly salt tolerant also so will do well in coastal regions. Virginia Creeper will grow in sand, clay or in fact any type of soil, drought, damp or any combination of your choosing! This is a vine to live where no other vine will survive - hardy, tough & fast, growing 6-10 ft in a single year. So for spectacular foliage privacy rewarding you year after year let Virginia Creeper thrive in your garden!

Size of plants supplied : 9cm pot grown and posted WITH pot so root system is protected Height of plants supplied : from bottom of pot to top of foliage approx 25cm plus Position: full sun or partial shade
Soil: humus-rich, moist, well drained soil or multi-purpose compost and feed well Growth rate: quick-growing, great covering foliage. One plant will cover 3m in height and 2m wide Flowering period: 'Elizabeth' May, June, Rusian Vine August to September and Virginia Creeper lush & vibrant foliage
Flower colour: 'Elizabeth' Scented pink shades , Russian Vine pink tinged white flowers and Virginia Creeper with vibrant foliage Hardiness: fully hardy Other features: quick growing
PRUNING: Tidy and any weak stems remove end of Feb to mid March. For a detailed guide to planting and pruning view and view the climbing plant care guide FEEDING: we recommend "Clematis and Climbing Plant Feed" - normal strength diluted weekly from May to September Wildlife: great source of nectar rich flowers later in the season.

Quantity: 3 plant offer:1x Clematis Elizabeth, 1x Russian Vine and 1x Virginia Creeper in 9cm Pots. Container grown Garden Ready Plant, so your climbing plant can be planted at any time of the year. Very good root system and will reward you year on year.

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